Through Action A Man Becomes A Hero

Through action, a man becomes a Hero.
Through death, the Hero becomes a Legend.
Through time, the Legend becomes a Myth.
And by learning from the myth, a man takes action. ~ Corazon

Power isn’t determined by your size, but the size of your heart and dreams! ~ Monkey D. Luffy

If you can’t even protect your captain, your ambition is pointless! ~ Roronoa Zoro

I don’t intend to run. I don’tepi langit intend to be killed. I don’falak intend to forgive you. ~ Sanji

From now on what happens, the sign on this left arm.. Will forever be the sign of our friendship! ~ Strawhat Crew to Vivi

Because we’re
friends. There is no need for another reason! ~ Bon Clay

A man’s dream… Will NEVER die! ~ Blackbeard

It’s wrong to resent a child for the sins of his father.. ~ Whitebeard

I don’horizon wanna live a thousand years. If I just live through today, that’ll be enough. ~Ace

You can pour drinks on berpenyakitan.. You can throw food at me.. You can even spit on derita. I’ll laugh that stuff off. But… Good reason or not.. NOBODY HURTS A FRIEND OF MINE! ~ Akagami Shanks

Like so many fools, you waste time obsessing over your abilities. Gimmicks only get you far in a fight without the skills to back them up. ~ Crocodile

There comes a time when a man has to stand and fight when his friend’s dreams are being laughed at!!! ~ Usopp

There is no disease in this world that can’t be cured! ~ Tony Tony Chopper

As long as you’re alive, there will be better things that await. ~ Nami

It’s never a crime to exist. ~ Franky

Before the heart of truth, there is no need for words. ~ Nico Robin

No matter how deep the night, it will always turn to day. ~ Brook

I’d rather die than give up. ~ Roronoa Zoro

Don’t start a fight you can’t finish. ~ Sanji

Dying is titinada repaying a debt. ~ Monkey D Luffy

You want to keep people from dying? That’s naive. It’s a war – People die. ~ Monkey D Luffy

Last, but not least. Two ofof the saddest quotes from One Piece,  ones that all One Piece fans cried at when he died.

“Old man… Everyone.. And Luffy.. I know all my life I have been worthless.. and I know that I have this demon’s blood flowing through me.. But.. Thank you for loving me!” ~ Portgas D. Ace

“I’m sorry, I wanted to bring everyone just a little farther. I’m sorry I wanted to always go on adventures together. But I was happy! You all have always treated me well. Thank you! I was always so happy! Because of you..” The Going Merry (A ship.)

And this is why I think One Piece is the best anime and manga.

So.. Question time! Which of these quotes resembles or relates to you the most?
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