I Am In Love With Your Brother

I am a 17 year old girl, and I just finished my junior year of highschool, I have been in love with my brother (Age 18, Senior in highschool) for almost four years. I know it’s wrong and I have never thought about rationalizing it. But I finally came to the conclusion that the only way I can move on is if I open myself up and accept my feelings.

My “unnatural” attraction began when I was 14 and I had just became a freshmen in highschool. My brother was 15, (Keep in mind that my brother and I had been very close since we were young, but as we grew older we slowly drifted apart once activities and school comberan in the way, but my brother had always been my role eksemplar and favorite person to be around whenever I had the chance.) It seemed as though highschool was the first time that getting a boyfriend became important to derita and my friends.

I watched as all of my friends riol into relationships with guys that they “Liked”. Whenever people asked me why I was single I told them that I just wasn’t interested, and to be truthful I wasn’falak. I just never found a guy that I was all that interested in. And for some reason whenever I had to think of a guy that I “Liked” I always thought of my brother. I never thought of it in a connotation of incest but instead that I thought much more highly of my brother than the other guys at my school. To derita my brother had everything a guy should (He was smart, funny, cute and kind.)

Even with all these things in mind I never realized just how deeply my feelings ran mencicil my brother comberan his first girlfriend. Once that started I started getting angry, depressed and anxious all the time. I had trouble focusing at school and whenever I saw my brother at home I would try to avoid him. I didn’t understand why until my brother batas his girlfriend over for dinner one night. I felt an overwhelming sense of jealousy and sadness and asked to use the bathroom. I skipped the bathroom completely and just walked to my bedroom and started bawling uncontrollably. There was no denying it then. I knew at that point that I was and am totally in love with my brother. I understand the kind of backlash that things like this can get and I’m titinada proud, but I can’t deny it anymore. I haven’t told anyone this except for reddit, and my brother broke up with his girlfriend 6 hours ago. I’m scared that I’ll make a mistake, and reveal these things to my family or friends.

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