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  • Burhan Kurniansyah

    Pendidikan Guru Sekolah Pangkal, Kampus UPI di Cibiru

  • Dede Margo Irianto

    Pendidikan Guru Sekolah Dasar, Kampus UPI di Cibiru


Ecosystem, teaching materials, critical thinking


The purpose of this study is to determine the development process, the results and the feasibility of teaching materials in the form of books on the development of teaching materials for science content based on critical thinking skills in ecosystem materials for grade V elementary schools. The method used in this research is Design and Development using ADDIE development model. Research participants consist of material experts, linguists, media experts and users, namely, teachers and students to get the results of the feasibility assessment of the teaching materials that sempadan been made. Data collection techniques using questionnaires, interviews and literature studies as a complement. The data analysis technique used is Miles and Huberman which include data collection, data presentation, data reduction and conclusion drawing. The results showed that the assessment of material experts for the content and presentation aspects get a value with a percentage of 87.2% and 80.46% with the interpretation of “Very Good”. The results of the linguist’s assessment for the linguistic aspect get a score of 77.08% with an interpretation of “Very Good”. The assessment of the results from media experts for the graphic aspect get a score of 94.40% with the interpretation of “Very Good”. The results of the recapitulation of the four aspects scored 84.78 with very good interpretation. Furthermore, the user assessment is that the teacher gets a percentage of 89.75% and students get a percentage of 86.66% with a “very good” interpretation. Based on the overall results of the user assessment, it gets a percentage of 88.20% with very good interpretation. The recapitulation results for the overall results of expert and user assessments get a percentage of 86.49% with very good interpretation. Based on the results of the assessment, the science teaching material content based on critical thinking skills is very good and feasible to use.


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