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What Candies Start With the Letter “K”?


Candies that start with the letter “K” come in many different shapes, sizes and flavors. These include chocolate candy bars such as Kit Kats and Krackel bars. Kit Kats are available in tunggul, king-size, miniature and extra-large options. These candy bars feature a wafer cookie covered in different flavors of chocolate. Some options include milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. Krackel bars feature a rich, creamy chocolate mixed with crisp rice. These candy bars are available in a variety of sizes as well.

Kisses are another candy that begins with a “K.” These jatuh-size candies feature a rich chocolate in either milk chocolate or white chocolate options. Some varieties of Kisses include almonds, caramel or hazelnuts. The Kit Kat, Krackel bar and Kisses are all manufactured by the Hershey Company.

Killer Sharks Gummies

These gummies are bite-size featuring an aqua blue-and-white shark design. Two flavors including blue raspberry and sweet marshmallow are mixed together to form the unique candy created by Ferrara Pan. These candies come in a single-serve and larger snack bag option.

Kit Taffy

These bite-size taffies were first crafted in 1924 by the Kit Taffy Company. Even though the company was eventually sold to the Gilliam Candy Company, you can still purchase these candies today. The Kit Taffy is available in an assortment of flavors including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and banana.

Kookaburra Liquorice

Kookaburra Liquorice is a family-owned company that first began in 1997 in Australia. Today, the company is based in the state of Washington. The company manufactures a wide range of licorice products in traditional flavors such as strawberry and black licorice. You will also find a variety of fruit-flavored licorices as well.

Krabby Patties Gummies

Krabby Patties are gummy candies crafted by the Frankfort Candy and Chocolate Company. These candies are available in bite-size and giant-size options. The candies offer an assortment of fruit flavors in a single cheeseburger-designed bite.

iddie Mix

Kiddie Mix features Brach’s Mandarin orange slices, Wild N Fruity Gummi Bears, Hawaiian Punch jelly beans, Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers, Super Bubble Gum and other popular candies branded by Sather’s. The candies themselves are produced by the Ferrara Pan Candy Company. Available in larger-size variety bags throughout the year, these candies are popular around Halloween.


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